Finer Body is a company all about holistic health, wellness and natural living. My goal is to inspire readers to treat their bodies like GOLD and get back into more natural ways of living. This is done by being mindful and selective of what we put inside and on our bodies and choosing natural/herbal forms of healing. We only get one body and we have to live in it, are you ready to make your body a safe place to live?


I'm Simone, I love learning, creating and sharing and I also love food and nutrition. I'm ALWAYS going on about new herbs I've researched or a new blend I want to create.

I'm a DIY Queen and my eyes light up when I see the organic aisle in a grocery store.  

I've studied herbal medicine for years and created this blog to be able to share my findings and herbal blends with everyone in order to help as many people achieve their finest quality of life.

Although I ate like absoulte garbage during high school, the Food & Nutrition class was so interesting to me. My teacher even told me she sees me being a Nutritionist in the future. She was definitely on to something.


Finer Body Co is currently situated in Toronto, Canada

Feel free to send any inquiries to email: shopthefinerthings@gmail.com

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