Relieve yeast infections and BV (bacterial vaginosis) within hours with our revolutionary boric acid suppository treatment.
Boric acid has been used to treat various vaginal infections for over 100 years.
It works because it is the exact pH that our vaginas need to be to maintain optimal health.
This is about a 4.5 (slightly acidic).
It's anti-viral, anti-fungal and effective against the toughest strains of Candida!
Usually, bacterial vaginosis (BV) is treated with a round of antibiotics. But the symptoms tend to reoccur and the bacteria can become resistant to this treatment.
YoniBALANCE will treat the infection and maintain a healthy pH without killing any good bacteria. Coupled with a good cleansing protocol and healthy eating choices, boric acid can have you feeling better within a few hours. It also helps to prevent future infections by keeping your good bacteria intact.

This suppository is really easy to make yourself.
You just need boric acid powder (different from borax) and either gelatin or vegetable capsules. Since we are a plant-based crew, I'd recommend vegetable capsules :)

Boric Acid
Vegetable Capsule

To treat vaginal infections and bring the pH back to balance.
Insert 1 pill inside your vagina before bed for 7-14 nights.
Insert pill as far up in the vaginal as possible
Consider wearing a pany liner to catch any discharge
It can also be used as a spot (one time) treatment after sex or when feeling a little "off".
If the infection is severe, you can insert a pill twice a day.

(ex. One before bed, one in the morning)

Side Effects (very rare) but some have noted:
burning at the insertion site
watery discharge
redness in the vaginal area

If you experience severe discomfort, discontinue use. Use a soothing oil like castor oil on the outside of the vagina to calm any irritation.

See your doctor if symptoms persist.

Notes & FAQ
Only insert 1 pill at a time
Do not have sexual intercourse with the pill inside you
Do not use if you’re pregnant
Do not use if you have a scrape or other open wound(s) in the vagina


These statements have not been evaluated by the Canadian Dept. of Health and Welfare or the Food and Drug Administration.

This product is not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Please consult your doctor or naturopath before taking any natural supplements.

YoniBALANCE (Natural Yeast Infection and BV Treatment)


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